How to Create and Deploy Finder Views

    October 10th, 2019

    Last updated: April 3rd, 2019

      Finder is a space-booking and wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community. It combines an intuitive touch interface with a seamless at-a-glance view of the workplace, making it easy to book rooms and desks ad hoc, locate assigned desks (with search functionality coming soon), and wayfind via maps.

      1. From your Teem Dashboard ( travel to Manage > Apps & Integrations > Finder.

      2. Create a new view by selecting "+ NEW VIEW".

      3. Name the view.

      4. Select a floor with a map. If you want to display a read-only list, then you can select any floor or building to be displayed.

      5. Enable Map Mode. If you want to display a read-only list of meeting rooms and their availability, then skip steps 5-7.

      6. Keep it interactive. If you don’t have touch-enabled hardware, then toggle the interactive setting to “Read-only View”.

      7. Configure Map.

        1. Set desired orientation, zoom, and rotation.

        2. Set a “You are Here” pin.

        3. Change map to light-theme, if desired.

        4. Click "DONE". (This map configuration is not saved until you save the Finder view.)

      8. Save the view.

      Deploy the Finder View

      1. Copy the URL link and paste it into your digital signage service to be displayed on digital signage hardware across your company.

        Note: If you do not have a digital signage service, you'll need to manually type the forwarding URL at each device you’d like to deploy Finder on.

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